Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To The Sea

Took the love of my life to the sea this past weekend. It was a wonderful break from the anxiety of work / work / remodel planing / needing to unpack / work that had drained us so. About ten minutes into the trip we realized our fm broadcast/charger for the ipod was broken necessitating a stop at an incredibly country Wal-Mart [yes more than usual] to buy a new one. Lots of interesting looks ensue. For some reason we gather the most curious attention in rural Alabama. Alongside that detour was a first for both of us, a stop at good ole McDonald's. Being our only choice for coffee until arrival near the shore, we decided to bite the bullet. All in all it wasn't bad, just creamy, but you gotta have some fat to absorb that vitamin D right? The drive was super nice, the Versa more than proving itself over the three hours and we managed to get to the beach in Alabama, from Alabama, through Florida; but also we found the most winding, varied elevation beach road I have ever seen while electric Dylan filled the ears. Once we arrived at the condo we had a fairly marvelous pod coffee maker and heaps of Nantucket blend [I don't know either] to keep us active. I'm a bit burned but I do love a nice day resting alongside the Mrs. lost looking at the rolling ocean. I'm looking so forward to Charleston for our two year anniversary, and seem to find myself more and more enamored with the atmosphere of "the road trip." I love the feeling, hurled over pavement in density of love, the thickness of connection with the passing creation, the mechanical providence and reliance, and the overarching love bridging the few feet between myself and my best friend.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Found a half hour free before meeting Tim for coffee last week. Despite wanting to do a shoot of the "completed" car I just couldn't resist the tempting combination of the car being fairly clean, a pleasant day, and a beautiful secluded road. A much more thoughtful shoot is still coming but for now the heart called for a little carpe diem.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Picked up the STi this afternoon after a long week of being too busy to fix a punctured tire. Unspeakably good to have this back at home, the car turned out so much more beautiful than I thought it would. Still have a little to go before its done, I need to have the rear glass tinted after being replaced as well as a few pieces of trim swapped out for fresh ones. One day a new set of rain guards will make their way over the sea to replace my damaged ones. As soon as everything is together I will get a full and detailed shoot up, but in the meantime here are a few pictures out of the driveway. Sorry for the nasty lighting, outside is just a sea of grey before the storm.


Sorry for the complete absence of updates, the process of buying a house, working on said house, starting a new job, and realizing that I need to purchase an unending list of things for the house has rather overwhelmed even the normal consistency of busy-life. I can't wait for things to stabilize, and hopefully they will over the coming week. Aside from doing lots of interior painting that I have no pictures of, I spent Saturday taking care of the yard. Being a home owner has been such a blessing so far, I love owning an actual space that needs and reflects the care and ability you put into it.

Lately I Ashley and I have been talking a lot about the concept of the home in America. I hate the idea of a "starter home." When did we become so insatiable that even the goal of home ownership wasn't enough, just a gateway to reaching further and further over your means until you acquire the conspicuous, and almost by standard unattractive, modern dwelling in an upscale neighborhood full of people you don't know. I can't say for certain but we feel strongly that if possible we would like to be here for the long haul. I want to have children and have them grow up in an area that cultivates an understanding and embracement of multi economic and multiracial living, as well as a true appreciation and acknowledgment for aesthetic quality. Below are a few pictures of our place, just a scavenging of our yard bathed in that evening sun.