Sunday, June 20, 2010

When did my life explode?

While I certainly haven't been a beacon of consistency with updates to this blog, I like to imagine I get around to it on semi-regular basis until the past month-ish hit. I sincerely feel like my life has exploded into an overwhelming amount of detail necessitating micro events, activities, and occasional disasters. So lets take things one at time.

For those who don't know, I started a new job as a barista / bartender at X. Legally I do believe I can't say where in the social media sphere, interesting huh? In short I love the people, while the job is frankly dismal. But thats okay, I have a distinct job possible looming out there, one so good that it just reminds you that the Lord will answer prayer and often times make his work way more obvious than we deserve.

For the house, we are somewhere in the process of a kitchen remodel. It's certainly not the most inconvenient thing in the world but having the bathroom be your primary source of water is taxing, especially under the excitement to see this completed. The larger question, when will that be, is a sea of vagaries. Evidently we could be held up over a week just waiting on countertops. I'm reassuring myself now again that we will take it a step at a time, we will have the joy of our kitchen far longer than an unexpected week delay.

In other parts of the house, I've mostly finished the living room, and the bulk of the dining room painting. We unpack slowly. I come home with this profound joy at the beauty and skill with which Ashley puts together our rooms. Her work to make our home a beautiful and warm response to the Lord is distinguished, it's moving. She constantly reminds me of how wonderful it is to have a home and how inseparable the desire to open it to those around us. She's ever more lovely.

At night we either organize and work on the house or we are planning with others in the 2cities Church plant. Throw in a night to cook for her grandmother, a new found night of music practice in preparation for the church starting its worship service, and a miscellaneous event and it starts to add up. And honestly it adds up against me, because I know since my morning starts at 4 I probably shouldn't still be up doing things at 11 that evening. And the fact that I caught a virus no one else caught and have stayed sick with it longer than I should have reenforces this. So now its just a matter of separating out what can go and what can't. I'll get there, but it's gonna take some patience.

And finally, there's the Subaru. I feel like I've hit this wall of project apathy for a bit. Partly due to just how much has been going that has been more important, partly due to indecision about where it's going. I've come to the conclusion that despite my love for vintages to sell it in hopes of really making money off switching to an older car is unrealistic. A Datsun is going to be an expensive and involved project and while I would be gaining a lot in terms of beauty and mechanics I will be literally paying for it. This comes against the inscrutable reliability of the STi, a constant pleasure to work on and modify as I wish too, not as I have to. So that changes my perspective a little, or rather a lot actually. Essentially my mind is two-fold on the issue. On the one hand, I would like to keep the Subaru, enjoy it, reassess my path of modification and build what would amount to the best daily driven STi possible. Think something a long the lines of a Panamer from Subaru, a sedan with bench mark performance, reliability, and comfort; yet a good deal better looking than what Porsche offers. Irony. If I do sell it, I'm really leaning towards neither a Z nor 510, but rather a Hakosuka. I think I can buy one in better shape for a justifiable amount of money, and as for my plans for it well let it suffice to say that they would be intriguing.