Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Call; Teaser

Cut / Buff/ Repeat. Few pictures from Thursday, car was finished today, heading to pick her up sometime tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Draft

Finally the car has some paint on it! The pictures are after just a spray, much more to come after it gets more paint, clear, and a lot of attention to the finish.

Deviations from the Plan

After the car came back from prep we discovered that "prep' was more of an overview. After a two day delay all was made right. Another interesting note is that my drivers door handle was evidently replaced with one from a San Remo Red model at some point in its JDM life, you can clearly see the color coming through after sanding. Also, upon pulling out the gorgeous Spec C aluminum trunk we found that it was from an 06-07 model, all fine and good aside from the massive holes in it to attach the stars of Pleiades emblem found on those years. Live, learn, weld it up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Expanses of Ghosts

In high school I became familiar with a gorgeous property full of haunt that lay near desolation atop Montgomery's downtown. As life and city shifted about the house stayed a constant in my memory, a wrinkle that never ironed out despite so many ideas and plans to document the home in various fashions. And as all ideas come and go I too returned to the house, even putting it off, shooting other areas all the while knowing that I would end up here to take these photos. For a brief history, Winter Place was built in 1855, plausibly by Samuel Sloan for Joseph Samual Winter and his wife Mary Elizabeth Winter. The property has remained in the hands of the family for its entire lifespan, aside from a 5 year period in which the North House was outside the ownership of bloodline. Evidently in my two year absence Major Craig Drescher purchased the house and it is undergoing redemption. Of course one condition in all this is that the current Winter stay and live as long as he choose. It is encouraging and rather beautiful to me to find those who wish to see this city healed and as well as it can be, and much in line with the vision of just how much Montgomery needs the gospel. For as a broken and fragile people we must also find that our only repair lies in His grace.