Friday, November 5, 2010

Updates on beauty

One of the wonderful aspects of being involved in this church plant downtown is that it really forces your mind to be awake. I have never spent so much time in sheer thought on life, art, purpose, and the overlap through relationship while too thinking of being relational in these aspects. And at this point some standards have really evolved in the structure of my thoughts, notably the fact that as we know Christ and relate through grace, which dominates our response to Him, so should we echo this with acknowledgement that life and its aspects too are an assembly of grace driven actions that should encourage us to truly strive and serve and create to honor our Lord. And I'm bothered by the extent I have lived and will continue living in some aspects, though hopefully ever diminishing, in an unawakened and automatic collection of response and ideology based more by interpretation and presentation of culture than routed in this truth. But nonetheless I rejoice to have been given the knowledge and accordingly I wish to alter and craft a life of both subserviences and beauty.

So let's break this down practically on what I do and want to do better. I am married to the love of my life Ashley, who caries our first child to be born in the end of April. And I simply can't wait. But I've been horrible to make consistent time to date her and shower her with seamless and uninterrupted attention to learn and know and lead her. And gracefully I will grow better, and ever more thankful that my love is tied to me with the enthusiasm I'm tied to her. So despite being poor I'm planning to make an indispensable habit of creating purposeful time and conversation to her, especially once we have our child.

Our home is coming along well and stands hopefully to the merit of God's Providence and my dedication to create both a beautiful and inviting place for our expanding family and friends and neighbors. I rejoice in the time and energy, and even the frustration in light that the work I do is not only for the Lord but also for the daily beauty and appreciation of my family.

My work is satisfying and I'm thankful to have a way to make income through generating creativity and the work of my hands.

So now let's get around to art, or in my case, the presentation of art in motion through the medium of the automobile mixed with culture. The Subaru is getting sold, in fact as we speak I've hopefully found someone to follow through with the purchase. So the big topic for debate is the replacement, which is a really open ended question. Initially I was truly planning on going vintage and still may but I'm just not sure it's the best use of money. One of the most surprising developments has been my complete lack of interest in automotive culture on large, so I guess I really am getting boring. Of course I'm not buying into that as an excuse to drive and build something that isn't beautiful in aesthetics and function, but rather I've made those my priorities over some external definition of what's impressive.

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